Giovanni Anichini

If you are looking to be treated with dignity and respect, this is where to go! Every person on the staff is excellent AND even the 1st phone call while I was checking places out confirmed my soon to be experience! Andrea is the best !! So is Michael and David!

Laura Fredrickson

Was a warm and judgement free environment in which to gain some valuable knowledge. I highly recommend CTC Counseling for those who are looking at and comparing these types of services.

Selena Fortum

Very happy with my decision to go to CTC Counseling for my DUI classes! Zach, Jessica, and David are all very nice and caring people. Also want to thank Marcie and Nick again for sharing their story with all of us!!
I highly reccomend you go here for your DUI counseling needs!

Isaac Roberts

would be a hassle ended up being a godsend. They truly truly care here, and worked with me, not against me, so much so that I ended up actually looking forward to seeing Zach, my counselor, every week!

Zach and the other counselors here somehow managed to create a space that feels truly safe, a little home away from home. I found myself spilling my guts on the very first session.

Thank you Zach and thank you CTC.

Inna Kaukalova

I do believe this is the best place to go when you need counseling or an honest review. The staff here are amazing! They looked at me as a person and not a case to be solved. They didn’t pull out a load of questions and ask me 50+ questions, just asked me direct concrete questions where we got straight to the bottom line. I learned A LOT! They are truly a Godsend. Best money I ever spent. If you want a blessing go here :)!

Bridgette Linville

What lead me to needing treatment facility was a 1 time dui. I originally looked up placed that were i my area (Lynnwood) to get things done quick. The place i went to first was ridiculous! I had a test that i had drank too much water and they instantly wanted to put me in a intensive out patient program… long story short i was able get a new review and that is when i found this place. 💖 i absolute love these people, for countless reasons! They’re very personable, really do care about you, are honest and, legit, fun to be around. Also they are extremely fair priced. If they offered family counseling I’d continue to go. Not even 1 thing I’d change…. lessons to be learned… 1) Don’t drive under the influence 2)GO HERE if you need help 3) Do research on places.

Boris Berel

I highly recommend this place to everyone who needs counseling! Awesome people very helpful and true! They really helping me to go through my needs, I highly recommend them!

Jason Gustafson

Very friendly staff. And very helpful with everything for my needs. Highly recommend ctc counseling!

Jay Smith

Following my dui, I was stressed with so many new court mandated obligations. I just wanted to have it over and done with. I read numerous on-line testimonials before deciding on the right Seattle drug and alcohol assessment center for me. CTC counseling has an remarkable staff. Assisting me using the courts endless paperwork, also functioning as a go between the courts also as my probation officer. Jessica, the head counselor is really a genuine, warm hearted individual with a genuine passion to support her clients return their lives to normal. What seemed an endless process CTC drug and alcohol services helped me get through it in just a few short months. Thank you so so much CTC

Dustin Gentry

After my DUI I was so stressed, I thought life was over. The courts wanted an evaluation, and I chose CTC because it was right down the street from my home. As soon as I walked in to the building it seemed pleasant and inviting. I sat down with Jessica Rhodes and did my evaluation being extremely honest about my situation, my past, and what I wanted for my future. She told me what plan she would recommend and it was very fair.

It got to the point where I looked forward to the days when I had to go to CTC, it helped with alot of stress from the situation I was in. Payments were flexible, and Jessica was always understanding if I needed to reschedule.

If I ever needed to go back, there is no doubt in my mind this is the place to go. I have heard nothing but horror stories about other facilities, but you can bet that at CTC you are in good hands.

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